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Bohol Travel Expenses

Here is a list of our expenses for our Bohol trip.

Source from Ms Mye
Tanx, kinopya ko na. hehehe

Day 1:
Terminal fee: Php 200.00
Breakfast: Php 76.00
Grocery: Php 54.00/pax (total divided by 3)
Baclayon Museum entrance fee: Php 25.00
Chocolate Hills entrance fee: Php 25.00
Butterfly Farm entrance fee: Php 20.00
Donation for Buko King: Php 40.00
Loboc River lunch: Php 400.00 (rate is Php 280.00 but we paid for our guide’s lunch)
Pasalubong: Php 276.00
Countryside tour fee: Php 600.00 (Php 1800.00/3)
Dinner: Php 130.00

Day 1 Total: Php 1846.00

Day 2:
Breakfast: Php 140.00
Shell Museum donation: Php 50.00
Mango Shake @ Hinagdanan Cave: Php 20.00
Souveniers and Pasalubong: Php 810.00
Daks and Gams entrance fee: Php 15.00
Dauis Church donation: Php 50.00
Bohol Bee Farm entrance: Php 20.00
Lunch: Php 351.00 (again, we paid for our guide’s lunch)
Goodies @ BBF: Php 210.00
Panglao Tour fee: Php 467.00 (Php 1400.00/3)
Dinner: Php 140.00
Day 2 Total: Php 2237.00

Day 3:
Dolphin tour fee: Php 667.00 (Php 2000.00/3)
Snorkling: Php 250.00
Snorkling guide: Php 150.00
Lunch: Php 200.00
Gasoline for Virgin Island: Php 67.00 (Php 200.00/3)
Dinner: Php 200.00
Habal-habal: Php 40.00
Church: Php 30.00
Total: Php 1604.00

Day 4 expenses:
Airport transfer: Php 150.00 (Php 450.00/3)
Breakfast: Php 25.00
Terminal Fee: Php 20.00
Day 4 Total: Php 195.00

Air fare: Php 4293.00
Accomodation: Php 3095.00
Day 1: Php 1846.00
Day 2: Php 2273.00
Day 3: Php 1604.00
Day 4: Php 195.00
Total Expenses: Php 13306.00


ham said...

You're so matipid naman. How did you survive?

kingdaddyrich said...

tangena ang mahal!

kumusta naman ang sexy back?/

kaw ba kumukuha ng piktyur?


o ikaw yung primary photo?


sooooww sexxxeey!!!

ardee sean said...

@hammed: matipid na ba yun? sorry naman.. :P may pupuntahan pa kasi tayo diba?

@kingdaddyrich: sexyback? sexy na ulit.. hehe.. yung brother ko kumuha ng pic..