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Top 5 Emerging Social Network

As Facebook and Twitter surfaced the world wide web, more and more social networking services have emerged taking us into a spin into the tech world. I too have been lured by these and I can say, I will stay for some time.

I always liked to update my friends and connections on my whereabouts and what's happening so I interact with them from each time with a lot of help to numerous networking sites. So I list down the top 5 emerging social networking sites and services I use, and here goes..

This two similarly do the same thing -- a dashboard to several social network including the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and MySpace. For bloggers, some would opt the HootSuite since it connects to the Wordpress platform. While to those fanatic of internet giant, Google, Tweetdeck is getting you the Google Buzz where you can share links, photos, videos and status messages. Also, if you talk to much and you only have a short space, Tweetdeck has the while HootSuite has his

Recently, Twitter acquired TweetDeck with a $40 – $50 million purchase price including both cash and Twitter stock.

Probably, no one would ever ask you where the hell are you anymore. As long as you check-in to this GPS service. This is kinda cool as you can interact with friends within your neighborhood. You can read tips and reviews about the place and who's currently on location. If you want to leave your own comments or just anything about it, you are pleased to do so. Aside from that, you are getting your badges each time you check-in and gaining the mayorship that tells you rule the place.

Facebook and Twitter have integrated location services in their empire though.

What makes this equally uber good is having channels to thousands of feed at any moment in time. From topics to Hollywood Entertainment from around the World, latest music scoops to the chart toppers, movies to be anticipated and who's currently making it big, latest on technology and smart phones getting smarter, and travelling with luxury or rather the cheaper deals. These are just among the other categories who grace your everyday whom you can share to the community but wait, if you are not sure of what to tweet yet, well you can save it as drafts and tweet it for later.

So you want to get serious? You want to meet people and learn their businesses, or you just might be looking for the right job. Then here's the help you needed. Create your profile not only for LiNa but for you to connect directly to employers giving you the closer chance to show off your background and skillsets. Get your ass on and find your way into the corporate world.

You got some other else? I would be glad to know about it.. :)

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