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Filipino Food: Bagnet Ilocos

It's been months now of taking in foreign food into my digestive system. Though I don't have any problem with that, I just miss our very own Filipino food. My taste buds are dying about it already.

Well, aside from Adobo known as a Filipino dish, there's just about a number of delightful meal you can find in every corner in the Philippines. We all have our very own finest delicacies in our provinces like Bicol Express is to Bicol, Lechon ng Cebu and Batchoy is for Iloilo.

In Ilocos, we have Pinakbet. But since I have blogged about how to cook Pinakbet already. Here's another specialty from Ilocos, the better ingredient of Pinakbet which is equally known Ilocano dish called Bagnet. In other areas it is called chicharon. This is a pork loin being fried until it gets temptingly crispy.

Here's a simple step on how to cook Bagnet:

1. Choose the best part of a pig, pork loins
2. Plunge the whole meat into boiling salted water for an hour or two or until tender
3. Use a strainer and remove the water to dry
4. Submerge in hot oil for another hour or two until color is brown and crispy
5. For condiments, we use bagoong(mixture of fermented fish) with kamatis(tomatoes)

And Voila!!


Here's the devilish Bagnet for your hungry tummies.. yumyum..

So, can I be your chef now?? :)


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ardee sean said...

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ardee sean said...

@rowena: thanks mamaweng! balik ako sa simple template ni blogger.. saka na maghanap ng iba uli :) said...

ang sarap ng bagnet! nakakagutom...

salamat pala sa pagbubulakbol sa bahay ko. tama ka ang sg ay singapore.