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My Friendly Travel Buddies

I have never felt such grace in walking around a city until I step down in Singapore. Not only it is clean and safe but also welcoming. Every tourists are treated politely and guided with maps that are located just everywhere, from MRT to Bus Stations. Brochure maps are also provided from the airport or to your hotel/hostel of your choice. Or they can assist you personally until you get to where your destination is. All along I came to know my friendly travel buddies.

First, is the local map that I got from my hostel. I always have the map of Central Singapore on hand whenever I go out in my first few days here in Singapore.

Second is the Backpacker's Book that I shared with my Japanese friend. This book gives you a lot of information about the place and suggests you where-to-go, what-to-eat and must-experience.

And last but definitely not the least, is my mobile. To a more developed country like Singapore, where technology is at high (I mean the wifi access is just around, and speed doesn't really spoil), you can definitely roam around anywhere you want with the help of your mobile. There are apps for travel and transportation that will help your way around Singapore like gothere, iris SBS transit, SMRT Book a taxi and a lot more .

I already posted some places I've walked around the city on the Travel Outside the Philippines widget box on the side. And more of it on the next and upcoming posts.

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Malditang "Kura"cha said...

yes naman pa shingapore singapore n lang. Congrats! Hindi pa ko nakakalayas sa Pinas. But I've heard Singapore is great place to start it off. oh yeah, the map. Pareho tayo. nagiging bestfriend ko na siya lateley. may sa pusa kasi ako at laging nawawala.