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The 4x4 Experience To Mount Pinatubo

It was a 1-day activity of pure fun and excitement... After a long wait of dreaming the climb to Pinatubo, we finally put an end to this last year, 2010.

Our group met at Partas Terminal, Cubao and got to the bus heading to the north. And after about 2 and a half hour away from Manila.

Our conquest starts with a long 4x4 drive...

There were a lot of dust from the sands of lahar...

but we still did love how the wind waves our hair.. and the sun rising over our skin..

Our excitement grew as we shared laughs on this road trip,

witnessed with splashes of water..

.. as we passed by streams, river and hotsprings..

We even had a stopover for kodak moments..

see.. :P

We felt like we have been to Splash Island or in Rio Grande at Enchanted Kingdom that moment.

And as we draw nearer to this dream destination,

a rollercoaster ride would definitely add up to the total fun and excitement.

We passed by valleys of lahar..

bumpy and rough terrain.. and high steep slopes...

We were in adrenaline rush. Imagining how long our vehicle can hold on to this road and how will it surpass an almost 90 degrees highs and lows in our ride.

And suddenly, our vehicle went down.. good thing it was not too bad.. we just need to walk down and wait for the car below the safe ground..

And yes, we still managed to have photos with our fellow Aeta brothers... SMILE :D

So glad we chose more than an hour 4x4 drive of going to Mount Pinatubo. But there is another way of getting there -- by trekking approximately 2 hours that is equally challenging too.

You would definitely need to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes and if you're not kinda cool with the sun, apply sunblock or have an arm sleeves.


Malditang "Kura"cha said...

nice ardee! na-miss ko ang Pinatubo bigla. Hmm.. aminin.. nag mistulang walis ang buhok sa gabok diba? lol!

anyway, great adventure indeed.

ardee sean said...

@Malditang "Kura"cha: natuwa ako sa buhok sa gabok.. hahah nagsuper saiyan lang uli ako.. :P

Michael said...

Hey ardee!

'how the wind waves our hair and the sun rising over our skin?'

wehhhh? hahaha!

Looks like u had fun!

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huwaw road trippp!

ardee sean said...

@michael: uber.. u should try it.. :P

ardee sean said...

@PABLONG PABLING: tara, road trip tau.. :P