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The Count, The Immortals and Superman

There is no stopping the Greeks and superheroes to reign over the cinemas for the next few years. Two of the much awaited films is being done all by the same versatile actor. He is none other, Henry Cavill who just turned 28 this year.

He is from a young Henry Cavill on 2002's box office film The Count of Monte Cristo, playing the role of Albert Mondego, son of The Count.

Now, after the count, comes his upcoming movie The Immortals where he is a Greek god, Theseus chosen to protect his homeland and save the gods. The film is set to release 11.11.11.

Watch the official trailer here.

Another big project he has to offer is still on the works. The Man of Steel where he plays Clark Kent will regain its glory and become the hero the world known as 'Superman'. This movie will set to fly up, up and away June of 2013.

Here's a glimpse on the Man of Steel

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