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I Choose Philippines Too

I have just recently watched this video of Star Power Angeline Quinto singing “Piliin Mo ang Pilipinas” with Vince Bueno.

This advocacy that was launched on 'ASAP Rocks', the top-rated variety show of ABS-CBN, is making me one proud Filipino and proud of the Philippines. I have always wanted to visit our Philippines before I step down to any foreign land and this is evident on my Travel Philippines widget.

It's just a few but as you can see, it really is a treasure to keep. I would definitely add more to this list in the days to come because we have a lot more. Philippines has 7,107 islands. As for now, mine is to share the beauty of the Philippines and what it has to offer to foreign friends I chanced to meet. And as our newly appointed DOT chief Ramon Jimenez would say, 'We deserve a visit from the world'.


Malditang "Kura"cha said...

I'm happy with the new ad. Really. Iba din yung sinabi nung bagong DOT sec "selling the Philippines should be as easy as selling fried chicken" May point diba? Ang ganda kaya ng Pinas

Henry said...

OK na RD, added n sa blogroll. blog name: the chronicles of Ardee

mine is:

Michael said...

Me too! I will choose this country over any other any day.

Hey Ardee!

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