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The New Facebook To Change Social Network Behavior

After the hype of Google Plus that aims to battle with the most used social networking service worldwide, Facebook is here again launching its new UI design and features that surely will take another leap in the social networking world.

There's the News Feed that kinda scrap out the Most Recent and Top Stories links to give Facebook users their own decisions to mark what is more important news for them.

The ticker that is located on the right side corner of your home page gets you updated with what your friends are doing 24/7 and which you can easily interact on the fly.

And finally the Facebook Timeline that highlights every story you want to share since your existence through a UI rich experience is a winner. Though it hasn't totally rolled up yet since only limited developers can only view each other's timeline, TechCrunch shows how to enable Facebook Timeline right this second.

Meanwhile, I have been so more into Google Plus and Twitter lately, but because of this updates that Facebook is offering, I cannot totally ignore it. For me, it is really cool sharing and keeping in touch with friends now because of more interactions and a lot of fun exploring around.


Anonymous said...

True.. I'm loving the new Facebook timeline.. :)

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

d ko pa na try yan pero parang naguguluhan kahet Google plus dame ko invites a email d ko pa din na try. oh well, I hope I can try it soon. nosebleed kase! lol

Michael said...

Change is something inevitable, and I like change. We shouldn't be too comfortable with what we have now. Not just with networking sites but life in general. Ang lalim ko mag comment dba ardee? Nyahahaha

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ardee sean said...

@leah: i'm loving it too.. sana additional buttons pa like your post.. ;)

ardee sean said...

@thepinaysolobackpacker: gael, kaya yan.. you should try, you'll love it.. :P

ardee sean said...

@michael: at san naman ang pinaghuhugutan nito.. heheh.. nakita mo na ung both links mo? magkahiwalay lng sila ng pwesto :P

SunnyToast said...

I actually don't care with the changes of facebook:) what is important for me is that I'm connctd with my frnds and loveones.

But really I guess the timeline is a great idea:)

Thank you for sharing:)

ardee sean said...

@sunny toast: ei, thanks for that lovely comment.. for me also, it's kinda sort of connection with family and friends.. '',)