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iPhone 4S: Apple Without Steve Jobs

Apple finally broke the news of its launching of the new iPhone, iPhone 4S. As soon as it was known to the public, networking sites Facebook and Twitter was all trending about it. And they wanted more and expected a lot but the biggest question yet is, What happened to iPhone5? A lot was in dismay. Even the movement of stocks went to a slight decrease.
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Well, I say it is still the most amazing iPhone yet, same as their tagline goes.

It is the very reason that iPhone 4S have yet introduced another technology, Siri, that can be used to send messages, set reminders, search for information and so much more possibilities via your voice. It's like you're talking with someone who knows everything what he's doing. How cool is that? Maybe Siri knows the answer.

Also, for faster launching of apps, navigation on the web, gaming and just about everything, iPhone 4S have doubled the performance and graphics by using the Dual-core A5 chip, same with the iPad's processor. Is it really fun for our sense of touch if it would be more quick and more responsive, a big YES. And talk about battery, it is more efficient too.

The camera is 8 megapixels and 1080p for HD video recording.Woot, aren't you full yet? Well, as a trying hard photographer, this is all I ever wanted. And it's all in this phone. Deym.

There's over 200 new features for the iOS 5 and I wouldn't enumerate all those things here right, you can start working with your fingers because it was designed for it. One more thing, you don't have to worry about your music, photos, documents and all your contents because it is now on iCloud and pushes in all your device over Wi-Fi.

So what's disappointing? I was thinking maybe the others who were not happy with the iPhone 4S, might have expected a thinner and bigger screen as for the look or even just because of the name iPhone 5 that should have been released.

Right after the day the iPhone 4S was introduced to the world with Tim Cook as the new chief executive, Steve Jobs, the father and founder of the most valued technology company Apple have left us with a remarkable life. The day the world shared their words with the letter "i". iMourn. iSad. iThankYou.

It was just a few months back when he went down as CEO and gave his position to Tim Cook. It's as if, he  just made sure everything is buttoned up to his family, his people and the world before he finally signed off like what he have shared in his speech in Stanford University

This guy has made amazing inventions in this world of digital technology. 
His legacy will forever remain in each one of us and it's up on us to "stay hungry, stay foolish" for the rest of our lives.

Sir Jobs, Thank You!!!


Anonymous said...

probably, everyone will miss Steve Jobs, but we should go on. and Apple must continue on bringing the ideas of Steve to the people of the world..
RIP.., Steve..

Caius comment lng po ako.. =)

pusang kalye said...

I am sooooo excited about this iPHONE 4s (as if bibili ako) pero si SIRI---she's an angel. ganyan na ganyang application ang bagay sa mga tamad na tulad ko!!!lols

ardee sean said...

@caius: thanks for dropping by.. ;)

ardee sean said...

@pusang kalye: sows.. kunyare pa.. kaw pa eh bigtime ka naman :P

ISHATEC| TV Shows and Movies said...

Nice new iPhone