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Pinoy Food To Celebrate

I celebrated my special day with my friends indulging to the delicious Filipino foods. I asked someone to cook for me some of my long missed favorites back in the Philippines. But I have to skip for Pinakbet, Bagnet and Dinengdeng for now.

Here are some equally and more familiar Pinoy foods to celebrate:

Adobong Baboy

Adobo is the more popular known dish in Filipino cuisine. This Pinoy's Best is a pork stew with vinegar and soy sauce. You can have Adobo as chicken or mixed of pork & chicken and even seafood (squid) variations.

What's good with this Pinoy food is that it does not easily get spoiled, so it's also the favorite packaged meal for mountaineers and travellers. 


Sinigang na bangus (Milkfish Sinigang) 

Another famous Pinoy food that I really like is Sinigang. Tamarinds (sampalok), tomatoes, and onions makes this dish truly with such a distinctive taste. Sinigang can also be cooked with pork, shrimp, or beef and also chicken but in this case, it's sometimes called as Sinampalukang Manok


Chicken soup with chayote

Tinola is a chicken soup with wedges of green papaya or chayote and moringa leaves (marungay or malunggay). We usually eat Tinola during dinner. Sinigang is best served during lunch while Adobo is all-time good in any meal of the day.

The Pinoy foods for the day was really superb because they have captured its authentic taste. (Pinoy na pinoy talaga) It's super yummy and we super missed it. Good thing, the place I am staying has a good chef and also we can order personal menu of Filipino cuisine. 


Malditang "Kura"cha said...

bakit? birthday mo? Happy Birthday ardeeboi!! Woot woot!

Sarap naman ng mga yan. Lalo na ang dish with sabaw tapos umuulan ulan. Sarap matulog after. hehehe!

ardee sean said...

@Malditang "Kura"cha: yes po.. salamat naman sa pagbati.. uber busog nga after this meal.. :P

Chyng said...

i admire people who cook! do you cook too?
happy bday! =)

ardee sean said...

@chyng: thanx ms chyng.. yeah i cook.. pero konti lang alam kong lutuin like adobo and tinola. i think pinaka-okay yung pinakbet.. :P

SImurgh said...

You just made me hungry!
hihihi! :)

ardee sean said...

@SImurgh: thanks for dropping by.. sige lang kain tayo.. hhehe