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Draw Me Something and I Draw You Mine

So, there's this latest smartphone application that the town is getting crazy about. I have spent a low profile on the gaming apps since the Angry Birds but this new application known to the social network as Draw Something by OMGPOP has drove me back again to mobile gaming addiction. LOL. as if naman.

It's easy and it's crazy. You can just create a game and ask either your Facebook friends or a random social buddy to play with you. Then start drawing something and send it for them to guess. Once they guessed it correctly, you will be given coins. In turn, you'll have to guess their drawings for you to earn extra coins. Once you get more coins, you will have more color options for more vibrant drawings.

It is entertaining and fun. Since you get to interact to your social buddies by guessing each other's drawings. I get to laugh sometimes when my buddies draw me something like 'out of this world' that I find a hard time guessing about it and at the same time, laugh when my buddies can't guess a drawing I have created. Though sometimes it can get a little bit steamy.

It's addictive. What's good about it is, it's FREE. So make your way to download the app and experience the fun. This application is available via the App Store and Android Market.

Pahabol na Drowing: Di ba, pwede naman siyang Shakira?! LOL :P


Chyng said...

addiciting indeed kahit di wala akong talent magdrowing. hehe

ardee sean said...

@Chyng: same-same.. kakaadik.. parang ung drowing ko lang ng shakira.. lols