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The Hunger Games vs Battle Royale

I have recently watched the much praised movie The Hunger Games. It was indeed a good movie to watch. It is about a deadly game, where the players must kill each other in order to win. Only one person can survive.

But in the year 2000, there was a novel and movie quite similar to this concept. One of the 10-highest grossing films in Japan, Battle Royale has been controversial and banned from distribution in many countries. I have also seen the movie and it was violence equal to the Clockwork Orange have given, not-so for young audiences. It was a totally death game. Blood. Fear. Suicide. Mental Madness. Unlike on the Hunger Games, the play was not so exaggerated. Though I like the futuristic drama of the Capitol, the audience, costumes and technology advancements.

Watch the Battle Royale trailer here.

However, even if they are being compared for this. Still, they have a lot of different flavors that contributed on being a blockbuster on their own right. For now, I am so looking forward for the sequels Catching Fire and Mockingjay for this trilogy.

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Henry said...

Nakita ko naman una mga ganitong story sa Naruto at Naked weapon.