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The Amazing Spider-man That Surprises

Just a short review about the Marc Webb's reboot movie of Sam Raimi's Spider-man film series.

Yes, my friend Paul and I have finally seen the Amazing Spider-Man last weekend. I have read a fair share of good and bad reviews, but here is what I have to say.

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At first, I did not feel like Andrew Garfield can be Peter Parker or Spider-man because I think he was so skinny. Like he can be easily defeated by his villains. But then when he was learning his spider-like abilities, he was kinda cool and his humor made sense. I mean, it was good. The audience were appreciative of that and the casts have the electricity of the characters they are portraying. There was a good laugh, they were teary-eyed and it was all fun. The cast indeed delivered. I am not a comic follower of Spiderman so I am not aware if there should be noted in the story but for me its a whole new story and it was all clear how it got to the new villain. In the end, I was just surprised that Spiderman still amazes me, seriously.

The Amazing Spider-man was released June 29, 2012 and still showing in theaters now. Have you watched the movie? What can you say about it?

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