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Olympics London 2012 Lighting of Torch

Today, the first thing I wanted to do is to watch the lighting of the torch for London 2012. Yes, the Olympics has officially began yesterday which was held in Olympic Park in Stratford, London. Previously, I have heard a lot of news about it for lack of security, unpreparedness and just about it.

So while I was browsing for the opening ceremony online and checking on YouTube for the video, I have crossed upon this instead, The Olympic Torch Cauldron Lighting History.

Man, I was a bit emotional. Not that I cried. Haha

It's just that when the host countries finally open the Olympic games participated by the whole world, it felt like, we are all united once again through sports. So sweet, Earth. :P

In London 2012, the Olympic Flame was lighted up by the young athletes. Finally, the moment has begun.

Fantastic. Awesome. Bliss.

Let the games begin!!!

1 comment:

Henry said...

A very nice opening in an Olympic ever ^_^