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The Floating Village of Siem Reap

What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger... - Friedrich Neitzche

So after our amazement at the temples of Angkor, our next stop is the Floating Village.

It was a long tuktuk ride out of town going to this village where the tuktuk driver wanted us to see. After paying a 20USD per pax, our boat driver is already queued for our roundtrip tour of this village.

I was surprised that there was a community this big, and living afloat in Siem Reap. As we sailed near the houses, the boat driver started to tell us about the place, the people living there and just about how life is from day to day. Well, it seems like every need of the community was there from local shops, mechanic shops, school, gas station and churches. They have ferry taxis and police boat too.

A whole community who can't afford to buy land but surviving amidst poverty. One story the boat driver told us is about some instances of parents drowned while at work, fishing, and their children would be left crying in their homes. The neighbors or police would just check out these children and get them to orphanage.

I saw a lot of tourists visiting the place for their own personal reasons but surely to lend a helping hand. By sharing goods and just anything that would ease the lives of the community even for awhile. We left them a box of noodles as the day comes to night, hoping we left a smile in their hearts as well as they did to ours.


Johnny Sánchez said...

Unos paisajes muy bonitos a pesar de que la vida no parece fácil sobretodo para los niños. Saludos

glentot said...

I think may ganyang version din tayo somewhere in the Philippines. In fact may kakilala ako na nagkwento na he used to rent a house na lumulutang kasi affordable daw...

she said...

would love to visit siem reap din! hopefully this year