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One More Chance for John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo

My friends who have seen the movie never failed to tell me to watch this. "Maganda", "the best talaga", "may chance pa", "pwede pa ulit" is what I've always heard from them.

But I always joke around and say "Ano ba, wala ng chance talaga..", "parang yung mga nanonood nung movie, yun yung mga naghahanap pa ng chance, eh wala na naman talaga..bwahahah.. wag na kasi..wag ng magexpect" panay biro ko sa kanila.

Pero kidding aside, of course I will gonna watch the movie. John-Bea fanatic ata to..ahaha.. So I did.

Here's what I have to say about the movie.

I like the new look of Bea, lovely. Ganda-ganda talaga niya :D

Janus del Prado, ang kulit.

Derek Ramsey's role okay din. I like the words he told Bea Alonzo on his Wedding Party. It's something like this..
'Don't ever think it would be a mistake if you chose to find yourself. You have to chose to love yourself a little bit more. Minsan, its better to break up ... so they can grow take grown ups to take relationships worth it...'

And so true an inspiring words ..

This one is really far different from the other movies I've seen with them. The last one was more of kulitan, pa-sweet at pacute lang, this one is an overkill. I mean sa drama, sa heartaches, ouch talaga, as in, pero over-all, they're more grown ups now than that the last one. Yes may love scenes and the way they handle their relationship on screen parang more with responsibility beside na. And they've never really fallen out of love they just needed time and space to become more mature.

So I say they do have one more chance...

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