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We've finally met - Metathione?

We've finally met but its not because of metathione. Wehehe.. I'm speaking about our outreach last December 8 at Noah's Ark located in Valley Golf Subdivision, Cainta Rizal.

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Yes, we've finally met.. the kids and its time to show some lovin'...

Here take a look at our pics..

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At the end of the day, its a heavenly feeling reaching out and sharing some blessings to our brothers and sisters. This is really priceless. I'm so happy and glad we had this activity and hope it'll always have. :P

1 comment:

LAD said...

so you've finally met haha. that was a nice thing, at least, helping children feel that they are loved and someone cares for them. namimiss ko tuloy mga medical misisons namin nuon nung hindi pa ako nagpapalit ng profession haha.

anyway, salamat sa pagdaan!