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Avatar: The Last Airbender Coming This July

Following the animated television series, here comes Avatar: The Last Airbender, an action-adventure fantasy film that is set to realease this July of 2010.

Admittedly, I have followed this anime through and completed the whole 61 chapters last year. I really enjoyed the adventure of Aang, together with his friends, lovely Katara and humurous Sokka. Aang must find a way to keep peace between the four elements of the world (Fire, Earth, Water, Air) during a 100-year war in which the Fire Nation has ruled.

I was thinking then if this anime can be brought to life on a big screen. Thanks to M. Night Shyamalan for making this real. With all the images and trailers that I am seeing now, this is gonna be one great movie and I just cant wait to see it.

Watch the full trailer and explore the four nations on

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