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Noynoy Aquino gets thoughtful suggestions via "Dear Noynoy" on Facebook

DEAR NOYNOY AQUINO (suggestions to a new president) is a project of Rock Ed Philippines that encourages the Filipinos to share their thoughtful suggestions for the soon-to-be-President, Sen. Benigno 'Noynoy' Aquino. At least more than 19,000 have liked it and still counting at the moment.

They were posting words of advices to Aquino that he should quit smoking. Some say, he should get marry to Shalani. But more Filipinos is hoping for change and that he should choose the right Cabinet members for his administration, some positions are opted for presidentiables, Gibo, Gordon and Bayani.
There are reforms needed in every sector of the government, some indicated GSIS, POEA, TESDA, DPWH and the Bureau of Customs among many others. Others are looking for justice on Hacienda Luisita Massacre. Some who didn't vote for him also showed their support by congratulating him and sending him good luck. Some has words of caution, telling him they would watch out on his promises.

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Don Zandro said...

There is a similar advice page on Facebook: It's called NOYNOY'S CABINET: Making the Shortlist for the Next Set of Cabinet Officials.

Noynoy's Cabinet is one concrete mechanism by which everyone of us can be involved. We request you to share with us your thoughts, opinions, and to suggest specific persons whom you see as qualified or competent to be assigned to Cabinet positions. We know this to be crucial if Noynoy would be an effective President. And we want to help him this early.

Noynoy's Cabinet is a targeted intervention. We specifically focused on Cabinet positions, something that is concrete and doable and within the purview of the Chief Executive. Other similar fan pages gather suggestions, but they are rather "catch-all" and some (if not most) may concern Legislative or Judicial interventions and therefore not in the direct purview of the President.

Lastly, Noynoy's Cabinet is an advocacy and community page on Facebook for 'netizens' like us who believe that even though we are private individuals who come from various 'walks of life,' we are nevertheless citizens of our beloved country, the Philippines, who have respective "voices" that are worth hearing and who are capable of contributing to nation-building, no matter how small or humble our ways are.

Welcome to Noynoy's Cabinet: Making the Shortlist for the Next Set of Cabinet Officials. Our podium... our platform to be heard!

Visit their site: