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J3jem0n k4 bA?

“Eowww p0h! uZtaH nha p0H kYu0? Lolz!@" If you have received such text messages, then you will most probably have an idea what a jejemon is!

They are fond of shifting their text keys and they usually complicate the spelling of words by using numbers in replacement of some letters.

Basically anyone with a low tolerance in correct punctuation, syntax and grammar. Jejemons are usually hated or hunted down by Jejebusters or the grammar nazi to eradicate their grammatical ways. [UrbanDictionary]

Jejemons are increasing their numbers, they have far attacked online social networking sites such as friendster, multiply and facebook. However their arch enemies are also showing their strengths --- the jejebusters! Jejejejejeje!

You might wanna check aN6 oFf1c14L t4mb4Y4n n6 j3j3m0ns' and jEjem0n tRan$l@t0r.

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