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El Gamma Penumbra Choose Philippines for Fun

Choose Philippines is a project initiative of ABS-CBN Regional Network Group on promoting tourism in the country by providing information on travel, places, events, food, and people of the Philippines.

After the launch of this first geo-social networking website on 15th of April 2011, it was just in time El Gamma Penumbra, a PGT finalist and my PGT Season 3 Grand Winner bet, caught the eye of many by showcasing their talent in shadow play and aimed to uplift the Pinoy spirit and pride.

Then recently, I heard from my friend Anton here about this web sensation unveiling a new version of Choose Philippines music video using the song Piliin mo Ang Pilipinas composed by Allan Dannug, and arranged by Marvin Querido. The song was sung by Angeline Quinto and Vincent Bueno which inspired me to write the post I Choose Philippines Too..


I couldn't help but share the fun. I enjoyed El Gamma Penumbra's video as much as I enjoyed when I first saw them. I was even moved when I saw a bit of them behind the silhouette. I commend their passion and dedication on their work and contribution to the beauty of the Philippines.

While it helps support the Department of Tourism (DOT) ItsMoreFUNinthePhilippines campaign which went viral on various social networks even spreading each and everyone their own individual fun photos, I cannot say one is better than the other.

Because definitely if you Choose Philippines, it only means it's more fun in the Philippines!!


pusang kalye said...

so kailangan talaga special mention>hihi.thanks for sharing this fun video to your readers :)

Ayngelina said...

I lived in the Philippines in Cebu in 1999 and I loved it - by far the friendliest people in the world.

Michael said...

Wow, informative RD! Hey there. ☺

Leah. said...

Wow.. I'm getting goosebumps habang pinapanood ko ang video. It's beautiful! :D

Iba talaga ang Pilipinas. :)