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A Clockwork Orange

Here's what I have to say:

1. VIOLENCE. Ultra-violent. Alex, the main character, has his own way for having a real kick and 'good for laughs' but was a tragic expense on others. A misery. He was so rude, brutal and has shown no mercy. One word to describe him is EVIL.

2. SUFFERING. what others had suffered from -- led by his own hands, turned back to him twice that suffering. This was sad for me. Its fine for me to regret on his mistakes but not to the point that it'd be suicidal. His suffering made him deprived and lowered down his spirits until he decided to end everything and if I've seen all this, I'll stop him and be ready to accept him no matter what evil had done in the past, I'll just leave it up to God. Seems hard for an action on this, but I'd love to see it that way.

3. BETRAYAL. It was unexpected that his brothers would threw something on his face turned back on him and left him in that *scene after showing them some manners to keep quiet and remind that he is the leader. No matter what you do to friends, in reality, there is betrayal -- and yes, even to friends. D-u-h, who could forget the case of Erap and Singson! (Sabi na nga nung isa ngaun, 'wala ng kaibi-kaibigan'. :P) What's bad is, after Alex spent some time in jail, he still came across with these brothers who now became the police. still these brothers had their bitterness on him, they strangled while on the water..poor little child.

4. POLITICAL. He was all throughout being used by a politician for own reasons - tsk.tsk..nagpapabango - paghahanda sa nalalapit na election.. their public image has been severely damaged by Alex's attempted suicide..they counter offer him - the government promised him a job if he agrees to campaign on behalf of the ruling political party. Many do this..

At first, I was struck with its title, What's a clockwork orange? Or moreso, Is it a what or a why? It sounded and looked like comical to me or some theatrical play. I thought of chuckie too, the baby monster..ahihihi. I liked Alex (main character) sounded, its tone and accent. He and his brothers has their own language too - yarbles, doobidoob, malenky, viddy are some-maybe its counterpart in Pinoy would be yeboi, yeba.ahhaa.. Its fascinating, comical but is that what it depicts on its title. I think No. This is nothing to do with its title and even in any other part on the film. It really din't mention about the title. Siguro, ganun talga. Kaiba lng. (May scoundrel din pala dito. It reminds me of Inday, 'You scoundrel, you nincompoop'.)

After the viewing, I can say that the film was noisy. There are images, elements and views here that are so disturbing, revealing and shocking -whatever you call it- deviant and controversial which makes it noisy. I guess that really is the work of Kubrick's. His signature.

*scene where Alex and his brothers had another surprise visit to an old lady which Alex have murdered.

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ham said...

why "a clockwork orange"?

alex became one.

clockwork= mechanical, robotic (no free will)

orange= life, color, liveliness orangutan, (human)

Mugen said...

Maghahanap ako nito. Astig daw etong film na to eh.

ardee sean said...

@ham: naks, tanx for this. hanep na movie yan. Yung title pinakita dun sa scene nung writer, yung matanda. Alex was robotic na nung patapos na pero sabi nya he's cured..hmmm..

@mugen: astig to, you should watch it.