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Case Closed

This story was about a girl, who hired a detective(#1) to find her lost dad. The Dad left her for a job and a month after he lost that job he never showed up again. And another character is a tall man that also hired a detective(#2) to find his brother which according to him enjoys driving a cab.

Detective #1 had looked for the guy and have drawn to a conclusion that the guy was not so friendly after a week of finding him - no one ever knows him. As soon as he was about to give up, Detective(#1) had deciphered the clue from the girl, who told them also that he had 3 cats and was accidentally the same name of the horse racer which maybe the guy was of interest on racing. So they went to some race and luckily they have found him there but they din't approach him yet because they din't want the guy to feel like he was being searched. So they just followed him on the house. The next day, they went back and unfortunately the guy was dead. OMG! How's that happened?! An old lady told them that the guy was dead just last night. It was believed that he was murdered by some tall guy but still police doesn't know. They was left out just like that. But there was something else..they knew there was something wrong.. and it came to them as a challenge to find out what it is. There was a man looking around them, they dint know him but they doubted he was the killer. Detective #1 immediately run towards him. Ironically, he was Detective #2 and both they had bumped into each other only to find out that they were looking for the same guy and there -- they were puzzled, 'How could we be searching for the same guy, but of different personality?'. What in the world? Now, they are back on pursuit of the tall man that proclaims the deadguy's his brother. When they got to the hotel of the tall man, in the elevator was an errand lady, which accidentally clashed into them with her several baggages. They were up on the tall man's room, and they just saw the tall man is dead and there were scattered boxes that seem to be the same boxes that was caught in the news about a bank robbery of million dollars. Now the detectives concluded that neither the girl or the tall man or the deadguy seems not to be related to each other like family or relative. There was some business involved that actually messed them all. In the news was three unknown persons who robbed a bank and the plan was successful, and maybe the deadguy who was the one driving the cab actually betrayed the two that's why they hired different detectives for their own personal reasons. Detective #1, remembered the girl.. the girl looked similar with the errand lady they clashed into earlier. And yes, she was the victorious one, the baggages where filled with the million dollars. So quickly they ran over to get her. She was already on a cab when they reached her. There were pursuits...

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