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The Atonement of Briony Tallis

It started with a young girl named Briony. Briony Tallis had just done her first play, The Trials of Arabella which she regards it about "the complications of love".

At a young age, she have had an admiration with the son of their housekeeper, Robbie but Robbie was more inclined to her elder sister Cecilia. In fact, Robbie and Cecilia are in love. But never long enough, they had their struggles.

Robbie was wrongly accused by Briony of raping Lola, their cousin. But Cecilia never believe he is guilty because as she would say, her sister was subjected to telling stories.

Robbie was in prison and soon released but to join the army. Robbie was reunited with Cecilia before his deployment, and they renewed their love and he made a promise to return to her. Cecilia has refused contact to all of her family since they all believe in Robbie's guilt.

Briony happen to see that Lola would marry Paul Marshall, the friend of their elder brother Leon. Paul was once acquainted with them when they welcome Leon back in their estate. They had dinner and then was interrupted when Lola and her twin brothers had gone away back home. Immediately the family split up together to find them but then Briony witnessed Lola was beeing raped. This was the same night that Robbie was accused.

Briony realizes that it wasn't Robbie after all, but was Paul Marshall who have done it. She misinterpreted her sister's relationship with Robbie and that she made a disastrous mistake by accusing him. Briony now confesses with the two at June, to apologize directly and to withdraw her accusations. Robbie angrily confronted Briony. And the couple demanded to tell her family and the authorities the truth.

The story now shifts to a time where an elderly Briony is being interviewed for her later released novel, 'Atonement'. She stated that it is autobiographical though the ending was been changed. In reality, she says she never had the courage to see her sister to tell the truth. Also, Robbie had died at June first, the last day of the evacuation and Cecilia had been drowned in October. She gave chance to her sister and Robbie the hope and the happiness that they had deserved. Now, her novel serves as her atonement to the destructive acts that prevented the love of Robbie and Cecilia which she has always regretted.


Eben said...

This is one of my favorite movies. It's like a painting - well acted and executed, awesome cinematography and music.

The final scene, Briony's monologue, for me is the best scene in the movie.

Anonymous said...


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Abou said...

sana mapanood ko to


ardee sean said...

@eben: yeah, galing nito. nice story. i din't expect it would come out that great.

@elmer: thanks, call me :p

@abou: watch it, its a must! hehe