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Finding Happiness

Its but normal when we sometimes ask ourselves questions about 'happy-ness'. Sometimes we really do think a lot about it because we are all in pursuit of it.

Whenever I ask myself questions like 'Am I happy?', sometimes I tend to mix it up with contentment. But then suddenly I realize that, its a different thing. I believe, they just don't go together. For me, contentment is a more deeper feeling of happiness.

Happiness comes in different ways, doing good deeds and making others happy makes me happy. And so with the questions of 'happyness', if I sometimes feel lonely, I try enumerating things, simple things that makes me happy.

We should know the things that makes us happy. Because we know more ourselves than the others. But not knowing one is like what I've said, is just normal. Maybe sometimes we are just too numb to feel it. We need to be true to ourselves in order to feel it. Or moreso, maybe we just need to find ourselves first before happiness sits in.

This is my answer.


Mugen said...

I would rather seek contentment rather than happiness. Happiness can change like the weather, while contentment, is more stable.

wanderingcommuter said...

but i think contentment is way harder than achieving happiness...

this post made me sadder... sigh... but truly a nice one. kudos!

Eben said...

ardee...may post din akong katulad nito. *glee*

In my opinion, it's hard to answer that question if we’re talking about life as a whole because of one factor that has the greatest bearing, and that is change. As your surroundings change, it also affects you in the process. It is inevitable. Therefore happiness cannot be certain.

I believe in ultimate bliss. :)

ardee sean said...

@mugen - yeah, i agree with you. happiness would always be around the corner and it changes. while contentment is way farther. i've had that happiness but i also want to feel content.

@wanderingcommuter - i believe that too. CHANGE is inevitable. That makes it harder.

@eben - grabe eben..naka-3 rounds na ata tau ng post..hehe :P

well, for me, if i would speak life as a whole, i'd be more of wanting to feel contentment. maybe that's the ultimate bliss you're talking, if you would agree. :)

*the post was an answer to a friend searching for happiness(wink :P)

Ely said...

nalungkot naman ako sa post mo...huhuhuhu...hirap maging masaya

John Bailor said...

oh well... dito napunta yung sagot sa tanong ko... anu ba yan ardeeboi... sana sinagot mo din dun sa blog ko...


ardee sean said...

@ely: madali lang yan. just think positive.

jan lang sa tabi-tabi yan.
maybe it just get unnoticed.

@johnbailor: yeah, yeah..hehe.. be happy, man.