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The Two David is the Phantom of the Opera

I wasn't able to watch the full season of American Idol 7. Though, I did catch the final showdown and the results. I was so surprised there was a 'Phantom of the Opera' night. I was looking for David's songs and I stumble upon with their phantom songs. Well, I really like the Phantom of the Opera. I have already watch it many times but I never get tired because I love their music.

Here are my faves:
"The Music of the Night"
"Think of Me"
"The Phantom of the Opera"
"All I Ask of You"

David Cook's The Music of the Night was like the original, I thought it was. But towards the ending, there was the touch of David Cook.

David Archuleta's Think Of Me was so angelic. Not being bias, but I really love his rendition since the start of the song.

Whichever.. I love the songs..

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