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The Call to Narnia

I have watched Narnia: Prince Caspian at last.

Well, I was kinda expecting a lot but it turned out to be just fine. Ayos lang. Same-old fantasy. :P

Pero yun nakilala ko si Reepicheep, ang makulit na mouse. Magaling na mandirigma at sobrang makulit talaga.

One thing for sure is I did love the place and the music of Narnia.

Its the place where the four siblings re-enter Narnia that I was so amazed called Te Whanganui-A-Hei or most commonly known as Cathedral Cove in New Zealand. Ganda ng view. Promise, ang sarap magrelax. Nafeel ko yun na parang gusto ko tuloy pumunta dun. hehe..

The soundtrack that was played towards the ending from Regina Spektor is entitled 'The Call'. Medyo sad pero sarap sa tenga.

You'll come back
When they call you
No need to say good bye

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Eben said...

Better than The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe. Dry lang umarte si Ben Barnes LOL. Sana naman sa Dawn Treader eh ma-improve ang acting nya.

Regina Spektor's "The Call"? Ayun nasa friendster profile ko na. Maganda yung message ng song, it stands for everything that changes in your life. The friends you gain, the ones you lose, and the ones that you want to be with forever but for some reasons can't. To stay true and loyal. To love and forgive. To be yourself and to trust that if it was meant to be you'll be called back to be with them again.

I love the song same goes with Alanis M.'s "Wunderkind".