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Forty Days

26 June 2010

Forty days.

Some people may have a different understanding or thing about this day but this post is about remembering our lost loved ones on its 40th day.

In the Philippines, it is a visit and prayer that is commonly believed the soul of the departed goes to Heaven 40 days after death, following the belief that Jesus Christ ascended to Heaven after the said period of days.

I have come to realize that it is nothing wrong to remember or mourn about our loved ones who have departed but there should not be an idea that the soul is still in the living world not until 40 days. When death comes, we lost connection to those loved ones and is already taken where it truly belongs. If there is any act or doing as such, it is the work of Demons or Satan that can transform in any figure even to that of the departed one.

Luke 16:19-31
Rich man and Lazarus.

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