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NOSI by Department of Health

Last week, I went to the province and noticed that the people from the bus terminal station in Cubao where so watchful to some smokers telling them the place is a non-smoking area. Even on some areas in the metro that I know of went to having 'No Smoking' signs. I was clueless why such acts.

That's when I realized that the Department of Health (DOH) have recently launched their NOSI (No to Yosi) campaign in Metro Manila.

There is a Tobacco Regulation Act (R.A. 9211) that will prohibit an individual in
"smoking in public places like hospitals and clinics, schools, elevators and stairwells, public facilities including airports and train stations, and food preparation areas."
And that the violators may be penalized with a fine of P10,000 or worst, their business permits and licenses to operate may be cancelled or revoked.

The public can take action on this by texting via Short Message System (SMS). Just send the keyword "NOSI" to 2256 and the sender will receive a confirmation message from the DOH. Or rather report by calling 661-3747 or logging on to


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sana lang maging maayos yung policy nila.. kung magwork man, mabuti naman. saka sana pati sa ibang bagay na kelangang baguhin eh mabigyan nila ng pansin.