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What Not's: 7 ways to annoy your blog readers

I was just doing my rounds in the blogosphere when I saw Llenov's post on things that annoy blog readers ( I realized that some of the things he listed have already took part on my experiences and that somewhere over the net someone is bragging about the same. Well, I also read blogs and there are just some things that annoys me too..

1. Errr... the Music!
You're in your room on a silent night and you don't have any idea how high the volume of your speaker. Suddenly you stumble on some page and proved it with a screaming loud noise. You feel thrilled and go crazy looking for the window causing the noise but hopelessly you just closed the page.

2. Once you Pop-ups, it never stops
Pop-up windows really gets annoying when opening a page and some other pages would follow there after and you just don't know where it came from.

To some, even the nth most popular outgoing link annoys them because it's demoralizing to them when they came in last.

3. Pages are Forever.. not the diamonds.
Count 1..2...10 until forever but the whole page you are trying to visit is not yet loaded. Count 1..2.. and just exit and try other web sites.

4. No About Me, you to find out
I am amazed of how great the post and pages were delivered. Its like you feel the author and you want to know who did that winning post/page however you're left with wandering whoever it is.

5. Turn off comments, turn off readers
I badly want to react on a post because I can very well relate to it. I wanted a chance to speak up, but you never gave me. Have I thought the essence of blogging is that bloggers and readers can communicate but then, you just turned me off and made me feel sad.

6. Loooong Blog Posts
So where are we going? How long is long? If it’s going to take forever to say it, then just break it. Create a series.

7. Duh your Background/Design/Layout
They say, "Don’t judge a book by its cover” but the problem is you have overlapping images, you overdo some designs, your background is eye-sickening and I really can't help it.

I also don't have anything against any blogger as I am also guilty of some of them too. Just wanna figure out things so that I can help my blog to not to annoy blog readers.

How bout you? What could annoy you?


llenov said...

hahaha your Post Your Comment link is too close to the Adsense, that really annoys me. LOL.

I could have clicked your ad Ardee!

ardee sean said...

@llenov: sorry lang..hahaha.. actually nicucustomize ko pa lang yung theme, kaso yung part na yun kasama sa blog post na widget then si theme na bahala na nagarrange sa below Post Your Comment link. Hindi ko pa mahanap san ko eedit yun. pero tinanggal ko na muna.. :P

llenov said...

hehehe no probs, love ko pa rin yung blog mo.