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Turn off RSS for Sony Ericsson C903

I got hold of my Sony Ericsson C903 and pressed some buttons and I now have an RSS logo with a tick through it at the top of my screen. I have no idea what it will cost me nor how to get rid of it.

I went online to check it and I found C903 support from Sony Ericsson:
Web feeds (RSS feeds) are an easy way to get the latest news and subjects that interest you. You can add web feeds to your phone in two ways:

Browse to a web page and add available web feeds.
If you know the address, you can add web feeds directly in your phone.You can update the web feeds added in your phone manually or automatically, at any time.
To configure this, 1. Select Menu > Media > Web feeds > Options > Settings > Standby ticker. Select Don't Show.

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