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Egypt freedom has been served

Today marks another history not only for the Egyptians but also throughout the world as they rejoice and have all witnessed the power of the people.

After almost three decades, finally Hosni Mubarak steps down his post as President of Egypt transferring the authority to the Armed Forces. Challenged by his prolonged term with 18 days protests, he resigned, Vice President Omar Suleiman announced.

It’s all over (freedom have been served) and yes it’s all over the net. As I browse through the web from CNN to BBC, to Huffington Post and Yahoo, pictured the joys of Egypt, freedom and the world. Even to microblogging sites top trending is Congrats Egypt and Renunció Mubarak.

Well, as for me, it felt like I have witnessed another Edsa Revolution, our very own restoration of our democracy against President Marcos back in 1986. It is a great feeling when you see people unite for the common good. My heart felt so much happiness and joys for the people of Egypt and so I say.

Go now, Egypt. Fly your wings. You are Free! You Are Free!


pusang kalye said...

I am happy for the Egyptian people. yun nga lang. parang narinig ko may nagsabi, 1st bloodless/ peaceful uprising in the world. di siguro nila alam ang 1986 Edsa People Power revolt sa pilipinas. under Mubarak pa sila nun eh. aka di nila napanuod. di nila alam we had it more than 20 years ago. then again. I am happy for them.

ardee sean said...

sino yang nagsabi na yan.. banatan na natin lol..

nywayz, i'm just so happy for them and now i can finally fly there and have my pharaoh's travel.. heheheh just kidding :P

Emmaleigh said...


curious na tuloy ako sa Egypt ngaun haha parang gusto ko na bumisita lol!

Smarla said...

I just hope the Military takes care of Egypt well during this transition period. But I am so happy for Egypt :)