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My cheap travel to Singapore

Planning for a cheap travel to Singapore? Well, here are some notes I made for low cost travel and also, I have been doing on my upcoming travels.

Usually the first thing I do is to look for airline promos or travel deals and packages over the internet. For me, it is better to have cheaper expense on the flights or airline fare so that we can allot more on the food or hotel accommodation. So when I was browsing the net and stumbled upon Tiger Airways Promo for Singapore, I immediately invited some colleagues to join me.

The next thing I knew, I was already building up a list of hotels/hostels and an itinerary of activities. For budget-conscious tourist like us, we opted to stay on a hostel that costs SGD16 a night. The place is just a walk away the mall area and the train station. We have 24/7 internet WIFI access while enjoying our sit on their entertainment lounge. Cool air-conditioned rooms and clean. We also have free breakfast included. It was indeed worth the pay because they were friendly and helpful to our needs.

We trip over the place mostly by train but we also tried the cab or taxi giving us a rate not higher than SGD5. But one thing also is that, I kept a print out of a map so I can just ask locals where the place is and if it is near, we can just walk. It is a good exercise after all. Even at night it is safe because I believe that most of the place is secured with cameras.

We were able to visit Universal Studios located on Sentosa Island, Singapore. We had our ticket at SGD72. It is SGD6 cheaper during weekdays. Universal Studios will give you SGD5 voucher each for retail and food that can be used on stores inside the theme park. This was a rush booking. Good thing, some fellow travellers advised us to book online. Because it is more convenient to pay via your credit card than to line up in a pool of tourist wanting to experience the thrill rides in Universal Studios.

At SGD9, we already have a bountiful meal in a store located at the mall. But we also tried in outside stalls where chicken rice is at SGD3 and we did like it. We also brought snacks and cup noodles in our backpack just in case. LOL It is cheaper because we all share our meal and just divide the expenses among ourselves. A small mineral water costs at least SGD1.30, so we have with us our own drinking bottles filled with water or juice that came from our hostel. So if we frequent going around, it really save us money a lot. We also visited a few friends in there and gave us a treat. It is fun and great you also have some friends or contacts in the place you are planning to visit because they can really help you in any way they can.

If you were into vices, it is not gonna help you save your health and neither your pockets. Cigs costs SGD10 per pack. If you enjoy going to resto bars and have some booze, it is also expensive. Well, it is not really part of our travel so we skipped on this. But Starbucks did not escape us. We chilled at Esplanade and we have our fave drink at around SGD10. A good way to end our cheap travel to Singapore. So I hope this helps you too.


thepinaysolobackpacker said...

thnx for the tips! will drop by in SG this April. :)

India Travel Agent said...

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Anonymous said...

what is the name of the hostel you stayed in,we plan to go there on Dec?tnx

ardee sean said...

@thepinaysolobackpacker: tipid mode last year eh.. hehe anyways, check on the rates they might vary now.

@anonymous: tresor tavern. check on their website for updated infos.

cheap travel system said...

Will plan my next trip to visit Singapore.Such an innovative destination.

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cheap flights from Singapore said...

A lot of tourists are convinced that Singapore is an expensive country, which is undeniably true. but if you are good in checking out latest airlines promo and you don't mind flying thru budget airlines then you can save up on the trip. Accommodation is not a problem too because there are some budget hotels in Singapore. And food? well there are lots of hawker centers where you can have variations of dishes that are definitely worth a try.

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Travelling to Singapore cheaply is possible. Get ideas from this post

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Many think that just because SG is successful, it's already expensive. Well yes, most things are expensive in the country but that doesn't necessarily mean that travelers can't stay in budget when going there.

Congrats on your interesting travel account. ^^

Oh btw, I agree that booking tickets online will surely save you time. People should also consider online hotel reservations as that would do the same. :)

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