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Tramway Buffet Plaza First and Last Bloody Date

Can you pile up plates this much?
Can you keep your stomach with unlimited foodies?

My friend Pepper and I just celebrated our first and last bloody date tonight. We tried the newly opened Tramway Buffet Plaza at Worldwide Corporate Center located along Shaw Boulevard. An eat-all-you-can restaurant similar to Tramway Buffet Garden in Timog Avenue, Quezon City where we used to have our team dinner and celebrations also. (I think they're somewhat related but with different management)

We kinda had a little struggle as we approached their reception area, they were hesitant that we go in by batch. We were not allowed to enter if we're not complete as not to confuse them. They also asked us to pay already before entering so I paid in cash (they are not yet accepting ATM and credit cards) and after that, they gave us our own weapon(spoon and fork). I told the receptionist if they can just let my officemates enter while I'll wait for the others. In fairness, they took them in. The receptionist was courteous. She explained to me that since they have a few resources yet, they would somehow do the kind of process for the first few operations.

Anyways, we had our buffet and we enjoyed it a lot. The food was average, the place is spacious, not that crowded yet and so we got more food. They also refill immediately. hehe They have function rooms charged for Php1600/3hours for the meantime, while they create menu set packages that will be consumable for the charge of function rooms.

Dining cost per head at Php218.

I believe they have their Valentine Opening Promo at Php118. Yeah, we should have gone there earlier. LOL

Tramway Buffet Plaza serves lunch at 11:30 am to 3:00 pm and dinner at 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. For your inquiries, you may call them at these numbers 7066351 / 8617129.


Emmaleigh said...

now I'm hungry! lol!

gutom tuloy talaga ako. :/

Nowitzki Tramonto said...

nakakain na ko dun sa timog branch nia once. at oo, parang bibitayin na ako sa dami kong nilamon. ahahah!

pusang kalye said...

Tramway Buffet Plaza at Worldwide Corporate Center located along Shaw Boulevard."""

---saan banda to? parang never heard. I thought I am very familiar with Shaw Blvd. area.

iba ang trip. kombination ng mga clams tas me salad. at japanese food. hahaha

ikaw na ang may valentines date!!!hahaha

ardee sean said...

@emmaleigh: wag pagutom.. or diet dietan din drama mo?? heheh

@nowitzki: yup, dun din kami lagi nung lapit pa ung office namin dun.

@pusangkalye: accross starmall, yung dating basketball court ata yun. katabi ng terminal na papunta satin.. tae ka.. lol