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Malayang Hakbang: Edsa Revolution on 25 Years

A lot of demonstrations and protests are happening around the world lately, especially on the Middle East. Tunisia and Egypt cried foul on their government and soon ousted their presidents. Inspired by this events, Libya as well is currently uprising with the government of Gaddafi. Algeria and Yemen are also on this undertaking.

But long before, Filipinos have aimed the same with all the countries mentioned earlier. Even if I was still a baby back then, it has already been part of our history and will always be part of every Filipinos lives as we impart it to our youth. In 1986, we have restored democracy by our very own people power that is now known as the EDSA Revolution, and headlined as the revolution that surprised the world. Now, we are on its 25th year of celebrating our democracy.

Mike, the kind of guy friend in twitter :) asked me about plans for EDSA celebration. I just replied back maybe I'd simply be free without any thing in mind how to be one. LOL

Yesterday, my brothers asked me to join a run in Vigan. It is a freedom fun run in celebration of the 25th anniversary of EDSA Revolution. So I did join and made it on a 5k run.. Cheers for freedom!!!


john bailor said...

weeew!!!! updated!!!! nice ha... :D

ardee sean said...

@john bailor: wow, nasurprise ako dun.. hehe.. ciempre may update kahit papano.. LOL musta jan,.