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Years of Residency

Three years ago, I was looking for a place where I could be freed from everything. That I alone will have my own space and can do everything I wanted to do without thinking what others would say.

And so I did !!!

It's my third year now on this two-bedroom apartment around the Grand City. Yey! I had a housemate, a common friend and just recently was my sister. I had a lot of memories in here that I will surely miss this place. Yes, you've heard it. I have decided to change my residence but not far this apartment. Actually its just the same street, hehehe.

Why I want this place?
Besides that I get the feeling of security and an ambiance away from the city, at the same time I also have full access to main keypoints here in the metro. One ride going to the financial capital of the Philippines - Makati. One ride going to Eastwood City, Libis until Cubao. One ride to Ortigas Business District and one ride to Greenhills Shopping Center in San Juan up to the old downtown, Quaipo. Others might have problems of its traffic abnormality, but I still believe there is nowhere in the metro that is causing no traffic at all.

About the new place I am eyeing is a one-bedroom apartment that looks more like a private house because of the tall gate and the structure itself. The other one is a two-bedroom condo type building. For me, the two different apartments would be just fine as long as I can get assurance from them the soonest possible time because my contract on my current place will end this month. I am praying though that the one-bedroom apartment will be the one for me because its more spacious than the two- bedroom, and I really like the ventilation. You still able to breathe fresh air. And also we have our own meter of water. (Yes, this is really important :P)

The two place is still under construction but not until September, there's only just a few finishing touches to be done. However, the land owners does not want me to give my reservation fee or my advance payment yet. This is where I am stuck. According to them, its really hard for them to commit since everything is not just prepared for occupancy and a lot of tenants are also piled up already.

I am still hoping I could move in to my new residence within this month. And soon, I'll be ready for my next plans. :)

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pusang kalye said...

In a place like Manila where commuting could be excruciating , location , location location is really very important....