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Panalo ka sa rambutan

Some time last week my officemate offered me a fruit that gave me a date treat back in the past, rambutan.

It was an event on my first company, I was asked on the spot to join that dating game which I never thought I will ever join and win. Good thing, we had someone who will answer for us to hide our identity as searchers.

I couldn't pretty much remember all the questions but I can assure you, my front was really good on this. Even I, was kinda surprised with the answers his giving. I was like, okay, just answer it all for me.

The last question I thought gave the searchee had her idea whom to pick was, "If you were a fruit, what would it be and why?"

My front courageously answered, "I'm a rambutan! Well, judging by the looks, you might feel disgusted or something you wouldn't eat upon.. But sorry you, because if you never try, you will never know what sweetness is waiting inside.. :P"

Nephelium lappaceum or popularly known as rambutan came from the Malay word rambut meaning hairy caused by the 'hair' that covers this fruit.

After all the questions, the searchee has finally decided and whew!! she picked me. Everyone was just yelling and just went wild.

We just absorbed the crowd and enjoyed the gift checks to Delifrance. :)

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