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Inception Weekend Bonding

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My brother and I had a movie bonding this weekend at Shangri-la Plaza which we really enjoyed and kept us all night debating. The movie that buzzed the world -- almost got every positive reviews, kept on trending topics in Twitterverse for a long time and yeah, everyone else seems to be talking about it.

Its no other than Christopher Nolan's Inception starring Leonardo Di Caprio.

Well, I have to join everyone who have said everything good about it. Actually, I think I have no more words to say because they already did. This mind-boggling sci-fi thriller is surely a must-see film. I would have to agree with internet giant, Yahoo! that Inception is the best film of the year to-date.


my-so-called-Quest said...

naks! astig diba? what if may sequel? hmmmm! libre naman! hehehe

ardee sean said...

@ced: cge antay na lang natin yung sequel ah..hehe ;)

pusang kalye said...

the movie which made me feel so uncomfortable---kasi naman subrang open ended ng story so napakaraming possibilities as to weather he ( De Caprio) is already in real life or is still in limbo. hope another movie would come out soon....or else everybody will also be in a long debate and in ..yeah....limbo

ardee sean said...

@pusang kalye: ur so ryt, bro.. ;)