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What To Do When You Get Bored

Bored ka na ba? Ikaw ba ay nalolongkot?! At wala ng magawa sa buhay?!

My younger brother asked me if I never get bored of just work-house-work again as seems to be my daily routine.

I just answered back, "Well, that's life!! We really need to work and keep it movin'."

Then he gave a soft follow up, "I think you barely have your social life? I mean do you go out or even drink?"

"I actually do. But at some point in your life, you really have to be this serious." I replied.

But here our the things I enumerated to him that I do when I get bored:

1. When I get bored, I usually go out for a movie with a friend.
2. I also engage myself to bondings, lunch out or dinner will do.
3. I travel.
4. Invite friends to drink at home.
5. Just chill somewhere. Coffee or videoke.

That's just all for now, besides I don't bore myself when I blog or do some rounds over the net, and to some social medias. :)

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