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Lappy Top 4937G

I went to Megamall and dropped by a computer store when I noticed the laptop displayed had this wallpaper with a guy that I knew.. kinda familiar face.

Yes. I couldn't be mistaken!!

OMG!! Is that ... me ?!? or I'm just daydreaming?!
What the ?!!
How the ?!?

Oh, I was just daydreaming. :D Actually, I needed to have my lappy top check by the vendor because my battery drains so fast. Maybe they can replace it with a new one before my 1-year warranty expires. They pulled out the battery and told me I can get it back at about a month maximum. I do hope the new battery won't show off the same problems. :)

Well, there are just so many things ahead that's why here I go again, I may not update my pages once in awhile. I would have to apply for GLOBE Broadband so I'll have a connection at my new place. Hayyyzzz.. Anyways, that's all for now..


rowena said...

wahaha. tamang kulet lang eh! musta na ardee sean?!!!!

ardee sean said...

@rowena: hi, mamaweng.. ur so back na.. hehee.. just had my GLOBE connection so medyo makakasingit na uli ng posts. Yung battery ng lappy top wala pa, expecting this week ;) enjoy around..