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Revisiting Mount Caniao

Finally, I am home. I am so glad to be back in my hometown. As promised, I would be going home at least twice a year. One for the mid year and another during Christmas and New Year season. Our relatives from Manila and Laguna were also in town as it was the big day of my younger brother. Aside from this event, I have also been looking forward for our outdoor activities as part of our bonding.

Remember when my siblings and I climbed Mount Caniao and how I managed to get down, now, WE'RE BACK!!

We took our cousins along with us. It was early morning of seven when we started the trail and the weather was good.

There was a bit of bad vibes on our way up though. First, my younger brother got lost his balance and went down on the ground while he was carrying our baon for breakfast. Unfortunately, it was spilled. The trail that time was a bit slippery because of the previous rains. But Thank God, nothing bad happened to him. And as for the food, we still have extra so it was not a big problem.

There were also a group of guys in motorbike who passed us by with water tanks going up and down. We did not bother them however one of them looked arrogant and asked where we came from. My two companion who were ahead of me did not replied to the query. I was able to answer him but it was too late as he already blurted out his words, 'When you are being asked, you should answer - especially you're not from this place'. We continued walking normally while our other companions continued to talk to them.

Di ko rin alam kung bakit nauna na si Vice. Ahaha. Paconfirm kung siya nga.

Finally, we reached the peak at around ten and starving for the beauty of the surroundings. Chos! It was like three hours of hiking. And our stomach's are yelling already, so we set up our place and readied our breakfast.

About one in the afternoon, when we reached back to the mountain foot. The climb was not so hard for me. I was more prepared this time as I was able to go down with my legs okay. The only thing that's keeping us, was pushing our cousins so hard reaching for the top. It was their first time so it's really nice to share some good new memories with them.


Michael said...

Cool! Welcome back RD!

Pinoy Adventurista said...

This is the first time i've heard about Mt. Caniao! great post... have to check this out soon! thanks for sharing... :)

ardee sean said...

@michael: myke, sorry naman that was my year ender.. late post.. :P

ardee sean said...

@michael: myke, sorry naman that was my year ender.. late post.. :P

ardee sean said...

@Pinoy Adventurista: Nice.. you should try.. :P

pusang kalye said...

walang tatalo sa mga bundok sa Pinas. :D

Edmar TownExplorer said...

Hello Ardee! Taga-Ilocos ka ba kasi I read your post and you were telling "you're home"

Anyway, kaya bang umakyat diyan gamit ang motor? I am from Vigan kasi and I want to go to radar. Never been there, though it's close to my place.

Edmar ( /

ardee sean said...

@edmar: yes, kabayan. sorry for late reply. anyway, as for your query, it's possible.