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The Summer That Was

Ain't the end of summer yet, right?!?

But I guess in the Philippines, life is back to normal again. Yes, students from elementary and highschool are gonna be back to school this June. And I guess, somewhere out there in the corporate world, some have already finished their summer escapades.

But I still have a few posts for you for the summer. Just a recap of the posts I promised you.

January - Batam, Indonesia
Eat, Shop and Relax at Batam

February - Phuket, Thailand
I'm Sexy and I Phuket

March - Batam, Indonesia
Batam Returns

April - Penang, Malaysia
Penang for Weekend

And here are my upcoming posts:

- Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
- Phnom Penh, Cambodia
- Siem Reap, Cambodia
- Bangkok, Thailand
- Ayutthaya, Thailand

Finally, I was able to manage the Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand trip. It was sure fun and I am just so overwhelmed with this trip. Lemme just share you on my next posts. And so the adventure begins.


joei ♥ said...

Wow! So many travel trips. Me too I have a lot of backblogs waiting to be published. Just too busy to get on to it. Hopefully I'll have more time this month!
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pusang kalye said...

travel blog na travel blog talaga ang peg dito these days ha.dami aksing perang panggala so tama lang na i-document lahat yan.sayang naman ang bagong dslr diba?hehe

ardee sean said...

pusang kalye: hahah.. natutuwa ako sa peg peg na yan.. hindi naman bago ito.. tagal na din.. pero wala na ata akong planong mag-upgrade.. lols

Cisco said...

i was liking your blog!! hehe..til next time!!

ardee sean said...

Cisco: thanks for the like.. enjoy ;)