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As I explore blogosphere, I've always bumped into variety of 'TAG CLOUDS' and I've always been fascinated. I was so interested and I wanted to have one - but then to some, they still need a host for them to have that. Until I stumbled upon this site that help me got one. And I think its fun, cool and easy. Might be cool to share :P

Make sure you backup your template before making any changes!

Log into Blogger and go to your layouts section. On the 'Page Elements' setup page
make sure you have a label widget already installed where you want it (it can be moved around later). Then go to the Edit HTML settings and leave the widgets NOT exapanded. It will make things easier to deal with.

Now the code comes in 3 parts. A section for the stylesheet, a configurations section, and then the actual widget itself.

Here's the link to the setup and instructions...
Setup and configuration for New Blogger Tag Cloud or Label Cloud

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