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an inconvenient truth

An Inconvenient Truth is an American Academy Award-winning documentary film about climate change, specifically global warming, presented by former United States Vice President Al Gore and directed by Davis Guggenheim. A companion book authored by Gore has been on the paperback nonfiction New York Times bestseller list since June 11, 2006, reaching #1 on July 2, 2006.

The film premiered at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival and opened in New York and Los Angeles on May 24, 2006. Earning $49 million at the box office worldwide, An Inconvenient Truth is the fourth-highest-grossing documentary film to date in the United States, after Fahrenheit 9/11, March of the Penguins and Sicko. The film's distributor, Paramount Classics, is donating 5% of the box office receipts and Gore is donating all of his proceeds from the film to the Alliance for Climate Protection (of which Gore is both founder and chairman). The film was released on DVD by Paramount Home Entertainment on November 21, 2006. An Inconvenient Truth was well received by film critics, scientists, and politicians and won two Academy Awards. It is also required viewing in school science curricula in Norway and Sweden. Global warming skeptics have criticized the film, calling it "exaggerated and erroneous".

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Be startled.
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Source: Wikipedia


Emierald said...

Astig yan... Napanood ko na yan eh. As in sobrang matatauhan ka kapag isa kang pasaway na mamamayan. Kaya dapat talaga tayo magtulungan para mapanatili ang kagandahan na nilikha ng Diyos!

ham said...

this is one great docu film that show US is the primary reason for global warming!

ardee sean said...

@emierald: emie, that's so true..we should take care our planet, its the only place we have..pinahiram lang satin, so dapat alagaan..sana mabuti akong mamamayan din, ahahah..

@ham: true din, they are the number one contributor sa global warming, so dapat sila yung malaking lng